F.A.Q. of Panacea Educational Online ERP

Panacea Online ERP Suite allows you to store, modify and retrieve information using the pull down menus masters, admission, information, examination, promotion, fee management, financial accounting, time table, staff & payroll, library management, inventory, transport and other utilities. All these modules are integrated with the information provided from the student and the staff administration module.

1. Why should we take Panacea Online ERP for our organization?

Panacea Online ERP helps the organization to cut down working hours of the staff and increases their efficiency, therefore the staff can use that time for other important academic works and welfare of students and supporting management. Also with Panacea Online ERP 80% of expense of the organization on stationary is reduced. Thus, we guarantee that Panacea Online ERP's cost is recovered within the first 6 months of implementation in the organization.

2. How Panacea Online ERP is implemented in our organization?

As soon as the company receives the purchase order for product our ERP Support team starts collecting the basic data needed from the college to initiate the work. Within 15 days the team of engineers installs and deploys the solution in the campus. Hardware, Networking & Data entry work is the responsibility of the organization purchasing the ERP. Immediately after this the training team starts conducting training sessions for the staff members or each department respective to their modules. Data entry & migration Support is provided to clients on request.

Panacea Online's Support Cell and engineers are available on all working days in office hour online, on IMs & emails. On phone the Support engineers are available 24 x 7 x 365. Any kind of bug or error or problem in the ERP will be attended within 2 days and solved as soon as possible according to the nature of problem. For the documentation of all issues raised by clients and our team prompt action on them we maintain the Panacea Online Support Online Ticket System.

Panacea Online ERP is a complete, fully functional and time tested ERP solution which covers more than any other solution available in the Indian Market in this sector. This ready to use product can be purchased & installed with staff training within 1 to 2 months. However, Panacea Online also provide the clients facility to have additional enhancements or customizations in the ERP.

Panacea Online ERP is developed on the latest ASP .Net technology platform, as the technology gets updated new versions of Panacea will be available in the market from time to time. The client can upgrade the solution that he has and get the benefits of the new versions.

Yes, one of the major plus points of Panacea Online ERP is that it is made on a modular approach. Your organization can decide and purchase the complete ERP or only the modules that they need. When the organization feels that they need more modules as per the expansion of the organization, new modules can be purchased and added easily without disturbing the existing data or modules.

Yes, the reporting format of Panacea Online ERP is very flexible and the reports can be easily exported into formats like .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf etc.

Panacea Online ERP comes with 100% security of your precious data and information. The database of the ERP is stored in the server which is either placed in a locked room or in front of the eyes of the management. Also the database is protected so as even an expert hacker cannot break the database. The ERP Administrator can give each user rights of accessing his respective modules, so that only the assigned modules can be accessed by each user.

9.  What about staff training?

We provide in depth staff training till the Staff is satisfied. The training manuals & videos are also provided to clients and this makes the software training very easy. Our Implementation engineers and ERP Trainers take special care that all staff members are able to use their respective modules and work live on the ERP.

Life Long...

Yes, We can modify the program to satisfy your needs if your needs are generic and can be of benefit for the ERP and our other clients as well.

One year AMC from the date of Billing after implementation is free. Total technical support will be provided during this AMC period. Any new upgraded version of this product will be provided free of cost during the AMC period. After 1 year AMC will be chargeable.

Yes, We have flexible price structure to suit every budget you can implement the system in phases and can still enjoy of the complete ERP.

The whole operation and information it generates is confidential, client can decide authority levels for use of ERP. Some can get only reports, while some can update it also. Top management can get the overview of all reports of all modules. Control of user authentication will remain with the ERP administrator.

Yes, Panacea Online College ERP and Panacea Online School ERP are separate but they have similar features and development platforms.

Yes, you can easily manage multiple colleges in a single ERP license but in a single campus only. Panacea Online ERP comes with a campus based license.

Technologically we are ahead of our competitors and we are providing greater flexibility in terms of modules selection and usage. Being highly scalable, we can integrate new modules and with any existing legacy systems in the institution. It is very cost effective and eases the functioning of the Institute as an organization.

We have a round the clock Support Centre available on Email, Phone or Chat can assist you using our Remote Support System, where our Support Executive will be able to access your server or your desktop remotely and offer your real-time support. Post-implementation, you will also be provided with a detailed user-guide.

It depends upon your perception that you consider your campus to be perfect without any enterprise systems. Institute in itself is no less than an Organization that yields profits through its various resources like teachers, Students and other staffs. To integrate all the operations so that the manual tedious work is replaced by the fast technology work is the aim of Panacea ERP.

SaaS is a software application that has no upfront license fees associated with the use of the software (a subscription fee is generally billed monthly with a one- to two-year contract). It doesn't require any IT infrastructure at the client site other than desktop devices and Internet access.

Licensed Software ‘SaaS’

Upfront Capital Expense

Pay as you go - Operational expense

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Cost for applications, maintenance, infrastructure and IT application resources.

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The high cost of initial startup is greatly reduced with SaaS. The subscription model for licensing provides predictable costs, budgeting and planning is easier and more reliability. In addition with modular product availability companies do not pay for functionalities they do not need or want to use.

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Customer gets the benefit of painless upgrades, rather than planned downtime wrestling with new software editions.

Development : C# and ASP.net

Design : HTML, AJAX, JavaScript

Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2008

There is a flexibility whereby one can procure the license for few packages of Panacea ERP which would be comprised of selected modules. Further on modules can be added based on your requirement.