We're excited about your interest in becoming a Panacea Online Software reseller! This section will help you understand the program and evaluate whether it's a good fit for your business.

The Opportunity

The Panacea Online ERP Partner Program offers IT solution providers the ability to take Panacea Online ERP - a cloud-based suite of academic institution management - to new and existing customers.

While many academic institutions are interested in the benefits of Panacea Online ERP, Web Era don't have the time, staff, or expertise to fully adopt Panacea Online ERP software into their business processes to empower their organizations, creating opportunities for trusted technology advisors. More and more of them are bringing Panacea Online ERP Software to their customers through the Panacea Online ERP partner Program.

Web Era recognizes that partners who are the trusted advisors and technology consultants to businesses play the pivotal role of helping them get the best out of Panacea Online ERP Software.

Strategic business process consulting, worry-free management of the services, and comprehensive support are a few of the valuable services that resellers are providing around Panacea Online ERP Software to grow recurring revenue streams and deepen customer relationships. Partners in this program also benefit from a recurring revenue on the annual Panacea Online ERP Software licensing fee.

Partners focusing on project-based revenue can manage customer deployments including data migration, provide user training and best practices and tackle systems integration. They do not have to worry about the technical aspects as that part will be completely handled by Web Era - Premium Web Services.

Partner Program Details

This program is in place to help you take Panacea ERP Software to your new and existing customers in such a way that you gain valuable product and service revenue to strengthen your business. Meanwhile your customers get a great experience and get the most out of their Panacea ERP Software deployment.

What's in it for you?
1. As a Panacea ERP Software Authorized Reseller, Web Era will provide you with:
2. Technical training and reseller support.
3. Sales tools and training
4. Marketing programs
5. Partner discount off the annual list price for Panacea ERP Software
6. Integration into the front-line customer support flow
7. Console to create and manage customer accounts
8. Opportunities for other performance-based benefits

What's required of you?
As a representative of Web Era and the Panacea ERP brand, Web Era expects you to act with professionalism and integrity in your customer relationships.
The following activities are required aspects of the program:

Find and sell to customers - there are no required minimums here, but the more customers you reach the more value you can help create.

Activate and deploy customers - this involves creating the customer's account, creating end user accounts, and performing any migration, training, and other rollout steps necessary to satisfactorily help customers experience a successful deployment.

Manage billing and collection - Web Era billing relationship will be with you, so you'll need to handle all aspects of billing and collection with your customers.

Who is a good fit for this program?
Beyond the above requirements, our experience shows that our best resellers fit the following profile.
You have adopted and are a strong advocate of the SaaS model.
You go beyond technology implementation and provide business guidance on technology adoption.
You are interested in and willing to grow your business.
As always your customers are looking to you for technology guidance. We recognize and appreciate this trusted relationship, and would like to see these Panacea ERP Software opportunities bring considerable benefit both to you and your customers.

Roles and Responsibility

As trusted technology advisors, you play the pivotal role of helping your customers get the best out of Panacea ERP Software. Web Era provides you with the tools, technology, training, and support to help make your Panacea ERP Software business successful. But it is you, not Web Era that has the relationship with your customers. Bringing the benefits of Panacea ERP Software to your customers will strengthen and deepen the trust they have in you.

Web Era relationship with you
Your relationship with your customers